RLY Virtual Summit 2022: Taking Web3 Mainstream.

Thank you for attending the first RLY Network Virtual Summit, on Nov 16th at 10am. Missed the event? Check out the fully-recorded replay, or see the embedded video above.

The Taking Web3 Mainstream online summit will offer you the chance to learn from some of the top Web3 projects leveraging RLY Protocol.

RLY Network will feature top Web3 projects leveraging user-focused experiences to create engaging and growing consumer apps spanning gaming, social networks, entertainment, creator economy, the metaverse and more. During this 60-minute event, attendees will hear from leading entrepreneurs across RLY Network, including: Joyride Games, one of the top apps on Flow; Taki, an asian-based social network, and more.

Speaker Lineup

  • Emcee: Shira Lazar
  • Omar Siddiqui
  • Sakina Arsiwala
  • Kevin Chou
  • Chad Etsell
  • Amin Iman
  • Sydney Lai
  • Weiwei Geng
  • Allie Macpherson
  • Gary Henderson
  • Jeremiah Owyang

Take notes, and learn directly from Web3 innovators around the world as they describe their backgrounds, processes and goals. Learn how they’re infusing their modern apps with the ethos of Web3 while hearing their vision for how they will forge new directions in the fast-changing digital landscape.

RLY Network is a flourishing ecosystem of consumer apps powered by RLY Protocol, a multi-chain suite of developer resources that powers web3 apps. RLY Protocol is managed by RLY Network Association, a Swiss-based non-profit. To learn more, visit