After the announcement from on their shutdown, we felt the need to address the future of the RLY protocol, the RLY token, and the future of the overall community and ecosystem. We’re here to let the community know that the future is very bright!

The RLY Network Association was created and voted by the community to assist in governance for the overall ecosystem. The focus of the RLY Network Association continues to be the proliferation of the RLY community and ecosystem, including the existing protocol, token, and new initiatives. was one application of many being built on the RLY protocol, and their shutdown doesn’t affect or change the viability of the overall ecosystem. Financially, the community treasury has significant funds to continue to innovate and support the ecosystem. There are more than 20MM USDC and more than 7B RLY in the treasury owned by the community. The primary wallets can be found at: 0xe75ed5295c13d224036feb6439db7539fe6d7ce8 and 0x75f4BD3A503f23450Ed9e8dABDAFDE6288af2c9b

The RLY Token Bonding Curve Protocol, which enables developers to launch new tokens, continues to be an important part of our technical offering to grow the RLY ecosystem. was a customer of this protocol, and there are many other developers and applications using this protocol. However, this protocol is only a piece of what we are continuing to build.

As we look to the future, the RLY Network Association will soon be announcing new additions to the RLY open-source software to support and grow the RLY ecosystem and community, including launches on more public blockchains and new open-source software and infrastructure to bring significantly more developers on-chain and into the RLY ecosystem.

The RLY ecosystem is robust and growing, including projects and companies that use the RLY technology and token including Taki, Hotline, Joyride, PlayZap, and many others. The venture studio, Superlayer, builds companies that will continually grow the ecosystem. The RLY blockchain presence and deployments continue to grow with Polygon, Solana, Flow, and others. The RLY community continues to grow and the RLY Network Association will continue to support the growth of the RLY community by continuing to develop more innovation in the broader blockchain ecosystem.